Staff Photo Galleries

I’ve just completed the first phase of a project which involves a mix of photography and videography. Initially I was approached in reference to taking some staff portraits for them to display as a gallery. After meeting with the project leader and walking through the building and discussing the requirement in greater details. It was decided that in fact, there would be a number of galleries to be displayed in the relevant areas of the building.

We discussed options for frames and mounts and how the images would be displayed to look their best. As there was already a theme with reference to wood and sign colours I suggested we follow the theme with the frames and found a close match which fits very well with the existing decor. We wanted to create a consistent look so all frames are the same width to accommodate 3 photos wide, with height varying from 1 to 3 rows.

I have now provided the 5 completed frames and feedback has been very positive.

The next stage of this project is to create a video virtual tour of the building. I hope to have the frames hanging when I have the next day shooting.

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