Staff Photo Galleries

I’ve just completed the first phase of a project which involves a mix of photography and videography. Initially I was approached in reference to taking some staff portraits for them to display as a gallery. After meeting with the project leader and walking through the building and discussing the requirement in greater details. It was decided that in fact, there would be a number of galleries to be displayed in the relevant areas of the building.

We discussed options for frames and mounts and how the images would be displayed to look their best. As there was already a theme with reference to wood and sign colours I suggested we follow the theme with the frames and found a close match which fits very well with the existing decor. We wanted to create a consistent look so all frames are the same width to accommodate 3 photos wide, with height varying from 1 to 3 rows.

I have now provided the 5 completed frames and feedback has been very positive.

The next stage of this project is to create a video virtual tour of the building. I hope to have the frames hanging when I have the next day shooting.

Poppies at the Tower of London

After an eventful train journey getting to London we went to see the Poppies at the Tower of London. When we arrived it seemed like everyone else in London had decided to do exactly the same, it was so busy we weren’t sure if we were going to get to see anything. But having said that, hats off to the organisers who were keeping people moving in the right direction allowing everyone time to enjoy the spectacle, pay their respects and take photos.

I will be adding a few photos to the site soon and thought I should add one that stood out to me as I had quick review.

Poppies at the Tower of London 2014
Poppies at the Tower of London 2014

Compact System Cameras for Video

I recently made an investment in the new Sony A6000 primarily for video, having had experience the Sony NEX 5R and been suitably impressed with both the video and still images produced by this camera. The main issue I have when shooting video with either my DSLRs or CSC is the  autofocus speed, so was very interested to read about Sony’s A6000 and it’s autofocus claims.

So far it has delivered on my expectations, although I have not really put it through any rigorous testing yet. There is certainly a massive improvement over the NEX 5 and my Nikon D600. I shall be carrying out some detailed tests over the next couple of weeks to see how the autofocus copes at a 6-a-side football tournament.

As has been documented many times already a big disappointment with the A6000 is the lack of Mic input which is fairly essential for video.

Aside from this minor gripe I like the way the camera feels in my hand and the quality of images produced are superb. I’ll be taking some comparison shots with the A6000 and D600 soon to see if I can start packing lighter on portrait shoots.

Compact System Cameras or Interchangeable Len Cameras are becoming more sophisticated and are comparable to many high-end DSLRs with sensor size and features. I can see that many professionals will be switching to CSCs over the next 12 months and from my first impressions with the A6000 I may well be joining them. There is a significant shift in the photography world and many people don’t want to be carrying heavy cameras and lenses unless they need to. Yes, the need for DSLRs will still remain but I think it will be for specialist situations where longer telephoto lenses are required. So don’t expect to see Sports or Wildlife photographers to be making the change anytime soon.

As I spend more time shooting with the A6000 I’ll report back on my findings.


Angmering YFC Girls Under 14 Presentation Evening

After a fantastic first season the Angmering YFC Under 14 Girls had an informal presentation evening held at the club’s training ground.

It was great to see all the girls having time to get to know each other a little better away from the training and match environment.

I have to say I am proud of all the girls and how they ‘ve developed over the season and are playing some very good football.

A special congratulations to Katie for being voted as Most Improved Player and as an exceptionally proud Father to Laura for receiving both Player’s Player and Manager’s Player awards.

Below is a slideshow of a selection of the photos taken on the evening.